G6PD by Gila Varis Case Study

Original Post Date: September 8, 2016 by Gila Varis

A young man, age 28, comes to see me in my office. He has symptoms that include tightness in the throat, sinus drainage, and gastrointestinal symptoms. He was diagnosed with strep throat, put on antibiotics, but still has sharp pain in the throat. I put together a Chinese herbal formula for him, he recovers and I don’t hear from him until 6 months later.
Using the testing methodology I learned from Matt Van Benschoten, I start testing to see if he has a reaction to foods in my test kit. The test showed that he does not tolerate beans, which is why I ask him about his ancestry. He has Native American, Serbian, and Spanish in his genetic make-up. I run signals and identify that g6pd enzyme deficiency is the reason he is not able to maintain his health.
G6pd is a shortened name for “glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. This condition is also known as Favism. In my research on this enzyme deficiency, this is a recessive genetic defect on the X chromosome.  It predisposes people to hemolytic anemia. It is predominant in the African, Asian, Mediteranean, and Middle Eastern heritage.
I put together a customized Chinese herbal formula to address the issues in his body, and instructed him to avoid all foods that are legumes. He reports to me within one week that he’s never felt better.
Ten percent of the world population is affected by g6pd. There are several variations of this condition. Those people who are affected severely by it will have symptoms appearing in early infancy and childhood. Those people who have a milder version of it won’t start showing symptoms until later in their lives.
There is no cure for g6pd enzyme deficiency. However, this condition can be well managed by following a dietary regiment that includes avoiding all legumes, aspirin or salicylates, sulfa, and certain prescription medications. A custom made Chinese herbal formula that was created for this young man speeded up the recovery time from the presenting symptoms.

More details of the condition g6pd will be addressed in the next article.


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